Educational Director

I have always been passionate about teaching, there is nothing more rewarding for me, as a teacher, than the excitement on students’ faces when they truly understand a new concept.

Teaching should be adaptive to each child. We at Smart Learning care deeply about providing your child with a well-rounded experience in early education and this is why we have limited our intake to just 20 children, enabling us to work in small groups and therefore provide more stimulating, responsive, warm, and supportive interactions, which are individualised to each child. Small groups also allows us to give more attention, engage in more dialogues with children, and spend less time managing children and more time in educational activities.

The goal of learning should not be to know the methods or to remember the solutions. Learning should be effortless and should occur without being noticed it is happening, on the way, by the way. I want young learners to know how things work. I want them to be curious enough to raise questions leading to a deeper understanding. Our goal is to ensure that learning is fun and engaging, adds value, inspires and spurs achievement.

Mona Syed
LLB (Hons), MA Ed, PGDip (Law)
Educational Director